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About Reliant Building Solutions

Reliant Building Solutions, LLC. packs a lot of restoration and structural repair horsepower into an efficient, customer-friendly package.  Company leadership set out to create a firm which would place clients' needs first and foremost.  At Reliant, satisfying the customer is not good enough; we want our clients to think of us as valued partners.  


Reliant is able to provide expert repairs and, when requested, we are also able to provide drawings and repair letters sealed by a registered professional engineer. 


In addition to the technical expertise we have in-house, Reliant has numerous outside resources and strategic alliances that we can call upon if needed.


Reliant also maintains relationships with key industry organizations.  We are currently members of:


Georgia Assocation of Water Professionals

Contractor Benefits Association


Reliant Building Solutions features these unique qualities:


Engineer on Staff

Able to provide stamped engineered drawings

Sized, managed and staffed to provide quick response


Harm Scheffer - President

Harm Scheffer has an Engineering degree from Avans Hogeschool in the Netherlands and has been in structural engineering/ construction for over 25 years. He has seen the contracting business from both the design professional side, as well as from the sub-contractor side, giving him insight in all aspects of the construction industry. His career has allowed him to travel worldwide and meet and work with professionals and officials from all different backgrounds. The unique combination of an engineering background and vast experience managing structural restoration projects has equipped Harm to specialize in technical sales, value engineering, engineered solutions, budgeting, project management, estimating, hiring and more.  


Chris Abbey - Vice President


Chris has worked in the commercial construction industry in various capacities for more than 25 years.  His background includes general contracting, subcontracting and restoration.  He has experience with project management, estimating and pre-construction.  Chris specializes in working closely with architects, engineers and facility managers to augment project teams in order to achieve results for clients.

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