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Concrete Repairs and restoration (spalls, cracks, etc.)


Concrete cracks and spalls are common.  In early stages they are not typically serious, but if left unattended, they may develop into an issue which affects the structural integrity of your building.  Reliant has all the knowledge and experience to repair cracks and spalls.  Our repairs will preserve your structure and our warranty will give you piece of mind. 

Carbon Fiber strengthening


Carbon Fiber strengthening is the installation of an engineered fabric or strips to increase the strength of concrete or steel structural members.  The selection of the proper material for any given situation requires calculations by a structural engineer.  If you don't have an engineer, we do.  Reliant is able to install what your engineer directs or we can utilize our engineering expertise to determine the proper material and then install it.  And we are able to offer stamped engineered drawings.

Barrier Cable repairs


Barrier Cables are the steel cables that typically run at the perimeters and along the ramps of parking garages to protect vehicles and pedestrians from falls.  Barrier cables don't generally require much maintenance, but they do require repair if damaged by a vehicle or they become rusty from exposure to the elements.  Reliant has an experienced crew to repair your barrier cables quickly and correctly.


There are codes which govern the installation of barrier cables and so Reliant is able to offer repair letters stamped by a licensed engineer to those clients who request them.

Epoxy crack injection


Some concrete cracks require the injection of epoxy material to fill and seal the crack and strengthen the concrete.  Reliant has the skill to execute this type of repair and our work comes with a warranty that is better than the industry standard.

Expansion joint replacement


Expansion joints are flexible barriers between two concrete slabs or surfaces.  They allow the two surfaces to expand and contract yet maintain a seal to protect against water intrusion.  Expansion joints are used most often in parking garages and frequently in long hallways in buildings with concrete frames.  Over time expansion joints wear out and need to be replaced.  Reliant is able to replace expansion joints with minimal disruption to your operations.

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